Public Relations

Body Politics specialises in coordinating campaigns involving censorship, classification and civil liberties issues. It operates at all levels of government including Ministerial. From personal meetings to written submissions, Body Politics has good relations and access to a range of organizations involved in the censorship and classification of adult entertainment including:

  • Office of Film and Literature Classification
  • ACT X Film Registrar
  • State and Federal Attorneys General Offices
  • State and Federal Police
  • Copyright Agencies
  • Customs
  • Sexual health organizations
  • Leading adult retail companies
  • Eros Association
Body Politics lobbyist Robbie Swan with Australia Defence
Association's Neil James and ANU Political Commentator,
John Warhurst.
Body Politics is a Canberra based PR company specialising
in censorship issues in the federal and state parliaments.
Body Politics CEO, Fiona Patten.
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